Start-up training on the Project in Stockholm on May, 31 - June, 4, 2010

From  May, 31 to  June, 4, 2010 Start-up training on the Nordic Council of Ministers Project “Networking and NGO Potential Strengthening, Promoting Sustainable Regional Development and SMEs” Support took place.

In the framework of the Project, NGOs are given the following opportunities:

1. participation of selected NGOs representatives in Star-up training in Stockholm on basis of the leading Project partner NGO «The Natural Step» (Stockholm) and issue an international certificate and license with the right to use teaching materials and know-how of TNS "Planning for Sustainability" in business consulting and SMEs support within one year;

2.  membership of selected NGOs representatives in international NGO network, aimed at sharing experiences and best practices for sustainable development in Sweden, Poland and North-West Russia;

3. participation as a partner in an international project working out, aimed at hospitality industry development on the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility;

4. studying best practices for sustainable development of tourism industry enterprises in Stockholm and Krakow, as well as establishing business contacts with business leaders of the hotel sphere and travel agencies in Sweden and Poland;

5. promotion of the most successful enterprises through an international network and key project activities.