The aim of the project is to establish a network of NGOs supporting SMEs in Sweden, Poland and North–West Russia and build their capacity in sustainability skills and competencies. 


Association of Territorial Economic Development Specialists
Russian Economic Developers Association (ASSET) incorporates individual practitioners, scientific workers, experts and consultants, engaged in fostering economic development of towns and regions.
The principal goalof the Association is to foster socio-economic development of Russian regions through formation of the community of high professional territorial development experts.
Association tasks:
• formation of professional standards in the area of fostering economic development of territories;
• introduction of strategic planning practices in regions and local self-government bodies;
• advanced training and enhancing skills of economic developers;
• certification of territorial economic development experts;
• exchange of professional experiences among the territorial economic development experts  

The International Centre for Social and Economic Research - Leontief Centre
The International Centre for Social and Economic Research - Leontief Centre was established in 1991 on the initiative of the Mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoliy Sobchak and Wassily Leontief, a St. Petersburg-born economist and Nobel Prize winner. The first Leontief Centre president was Anatoliy Chubais.
Major activities of the Leontief Centre are:
• organizing and conducting research on problems of regional economies;
• providing consulting and methodological support to the government of the Russian Federation and to the administrations of Russian federal subjects in the development of the scientifically well-grounded socio-economic programs, draft laws and effective mechanisms of strategic management;
• coordinating work and participating in international technical and financial aid projects of World Bank, US Agency for International Development (USAID), European Union;
• providing a wide spectrum of consulting services to Russian and foreign enterprises including market research, help in developing business plans, financial analysis of projects and assistance in finding partners and investors;
• organizing scientific conferences, practical seminars and exhibitions;
• organizing and conducting PR campaigns;
• publishing activities;
• information technology and telecommunications and geo-information systems
Leontief Centre mission: to promote top international standards of quality in social and economic studies and consultancy with a view towards fostering more professional methods of governance for Russian cities and regions.

Non-commercial Partnership “Association of Small Hotels of St. Petersburg”

In 2003 the Association of Small Hotels of St. Petersburg was opened with the goal of promoting the services of small hotels on the hotel market. This is probably the first professional association of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg. Today the association unites the majority of mini-hotels of the city.
In 2003 a new state classification of hotels was adopted. Small hotels are all so unique that it is difficult to certify them according to a single system. The association is developing certification standards for mini-hotels.
The association helps the hotels minimize costs. Specifically, with the help of joint advertising and participation in fairs. Association members also "share" clients. The association organizes training and also attracts other types of businesses to the hotel market. 

Non-commercial Partnership "North-West Funding Service Centre"
NP North-West Funding Service Centre (FSC) is an NGO located in St. Petersburg, Russia. FSC has a 5 years experience of providing a wide range of consulting and training services both for the public sector (incl. NGOs) and for private businesses (SMEs).
The FSC has extensive experience in international project management, monitoring and evaluation. Its experts are well aware of international Project Management practices: in most cases when participating in international projects we are acting as Project /Financial Manager.
The FSC has a wide network of partners among private and public companies and municipalities in North-West Russia.
One of the main tasks of the NP Northwest Funding Service Centre is to work with international funding sources/ donor projects (EU, Nordic Funds, UNDP, etc.) to supply financial support for the local, regional and interregional initiatives in Northwest Russia. The Northwest Funding Service Centre is specialized in providing services in professional preparation and implementation of EU projects, incl. funding advisory, consulting and preparation of project plans and applications for funding from different sources, project and financial management, project administrative support, trainings, specific professional consultancy.


NGO “Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy”

NGO “Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy” is a member of international network Keep Baltic Tidy aiming at increasing international co-operation for protection of the Baltic Sea Region environment and coastal zones.
The main objectives of NGO “Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy” are:
• Promotion of environmental education and information;
• Promotion of the way of living friendly to the  environment, environmental friendly  recreation activity and boating;
• Promotion of environmental waste management (reducing, reusing, recycling and waste to energy);
• Promotion of national and  international invests to priority  areas of the environmental  activities;
• Supporting of investment  projects having environmental  aspects;
• Promotion of the region  transition to safety and  sustainable development.


Energy Saving Centre (ESC)

Energy Saving Centre (ESC) operates in St.Petersburg since 2003.
For that period the ESPC company has successfully implemented Energy Audits at  boiler house and cogeneration plant of the companies in St.Petersburg, Leningradskaya Oblast, Pskovskaya Oblast and other regions.
At the moment the ESC is an independent consulting and engineering company.
We are offering the following services:
1. Instrumental energy audits and energy saving activities:
• Technical information analysis
• Short energy surveys;
• Energy audit based on collected data;
• Final analysis based on audit results
• Feasibility study & a list of recommendations;
• Creation passports for technical processes and buildings;
 • Design of energy saving programs for enterprises, communities and regions
2. Business-planning for companies applying for financing (only in case when the positive economical can be forecast and company is stable & attractive for potential investors)
3. Assistance in setting up business contacts with the local market
4. Seminars-presentations for energy efficient equipment producers or distributors (to help them find clients on a local market)


St. Petersburg Scientific Research Center of Ecological Safety (SRCES)
St.-Petersburg research center of ecological safety (SRCES) was established in 1991 as a part of St.-Petersburg science center RAS. SRCES conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and ecological safety.
Main research directions:
• Observations  of  persistent  organic  pollutants  (POPs)  such  as  dioxins  and  dioxin‐like  structures,  PAH,  PCBs  and  others  in  various  environmental  objects:  air,  water,  soil,  bottom  sediments  and  biological  samples. 
• Studying  of  previously  unknown  potentially  dangerous  S,  Cl,  P‐containing   substances  in  sediment  samples,  collected   from  the  Eastern  part  of  the  Finnish  Gulf and  other  objects.
• Researches  concerning  with  problem  of  harmful  algae  blossom  (HAB)  in  the  water  objects  in  Northern‐West  region. 
• Researches  concerning  with  PPCP  problem  –analysis  of  pharmaceutical products  and  their  metabolites  in  waste  and  natural  waters.


The Natural Step International (TNSI)
The Natural Step is a non profit organization founded with the vision of creating a sustainable society. For two decades, The Natural Step has been at the forefront of international research and dialogue about sustainable development. We have developed a proven, science based model that helps communities and businesses better understand and integrate environmental, social, and economic considerations.
In working with hundreds of companies, munici¬palities, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations all over the world, we’ve proven time and again that sustainable decision-making leads to new opportunities, reduced costs, and dramatically reduced ecological and social impacts.
The Natural Step is committed to researching the science of sustainability and linking it to real world applications. We work with people inside organizations to make informed decisions and create dialogue about the many challenges and opportunities ahead as we move toward a sustainable future.

Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development
The Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development is a consortium of six foundations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia dedicated to mobilizing and empowering people to improve their environment, their local communities and societies. Since their establishment in 1991, the Environmental Partnership foundations have invested approximately € 20 million in support of over 8,000 initiatives. As well as providing financial and technical support to local, grassroots organizations, EPSD foundations also implement directed national and regional programs designed to address local as well as regional and cross-border issues.