Project Partners

The Natural Step International (TNSI)
The Natural Step International (TNSI) is an international non-profit research, learning and advisory organization that helps individuals, organizations, communities and regions to take meaningful steps toward sustainability. TNSI acts as a catalyst, bringing about systemic change by empowering decision makers with a common, science-based understanding of sustainability and a strategic framework to make decisions in a sustainable way. In 17 years of working with hundreds of corporations, municipalities, academic institutions and non-profit organizations across all continents, TNSI has proven time and time again that sustainable decision-making leads to new opportunities, efficient resource use, and increased ecological and social return on investment.

Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development
The Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development is a consortium of six foundations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia dedicated to mobilizing and empowering people to improve their environment, their local communities and societies. Since their establishment in 1991, the Environmental Partnership foundations have invested approximately € 20 million in support of over 8,000 initiatives. As well as providing financial and technical support to local, grassroots organizations, EPSD foundations also implement directed national and regional programs designed to address local as well as regional and cross-border issues.

ICSER Leontief Centre
The International Centre for Social and Economic Research - Leontief Centre was established in 1991 on the initiative of the Mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoliy Sobchak and Wassily Leontief, a St. Petersburg-born economist and Nobel Prize winner. The first Leontief Centre president was Anatoliy Chubais. Leontief Centre mission: to promote top international standards of quality in social and economic studies and consultancy with a view towards fostering more professional methods of governance for Russian cities and regions.